I feel English isn't difficult. English need to Practice..



학창시절, 토익 등으로 배운 영어문법은 

어렵게만 느껴지고 금방 잊혀져서 

매번 다시 공부해야하는 상황이

 벌어지는데 AE를 통해 쉽고 

빠르게 배울 수 있어서


 AE를 선택한게 

자신이 자랑스로우며 가능하다면

 계속 수강하고 싶습니다.

When I have been studied English grammar since

I was a middle school student, 

I felt English was too difficult and complicated to learn. 

So I had to learn it again and again for good grades.

But now I learn the easy may of AE, 

I feel English isn't difficult.

 English need to practice.

I'm proud of myself because I choose AE academy

and If I'm possible, I work on AE.